Wash vs Vegas Game #4

This game was over faster than this article will be. Which is something because this will be short. Vegas came our aggressive and had chances early on. Hit a number of posts including one where James Neal had an open net and rang it off the post, Holtby somehow got a piece of it with the paddle after to knock it away. I’m talking an open net, from one of the most consistent goal scorers in the league over the last like 10 years. YOU CANNOT MISS THAT JAMES. Washington ended up with a power play about a minute later and converted. The hockey gods have changed their mind when it comes to Vegas.

Honestly game was never in doubt after. The bounces kept going the Caps way and they ended up with a 3-0 lead after the first. None of the goals were Fleury’s fault so I’m not surprised he wasn’t pulled. Oshie and DSP were the other two goal scorers in the first.

Honestly won’t even get too much in the game it was basically over after that. Vegas out-chanced Washington but couldn’t put any by Holtby. Game ended up 6-2 as Kuznetsov finished with 4 assists to bring him up to 31 points.

That’s where I wanted to go next anyways. If Washington wins the cup who gets the Conn Smythe? Personally I would give it to Kuznetsov he’s the straw that stirs the drink and I think he’s the most impactful player. I think Ovie will get it based off of popularity though and it wouldn’t be upsetting to see him win it, but Kuznetsov has been the better player to me. Game #5 is back in Vegas maybe they will bring out the trebuchet again to give them some good luck!

Trevor Behrends

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