Game 3: Caps and Knights

Ya blew that call. You put your whistles away for a whole bunch of nonsense, and then you make this terrible call? Would have made more sense to call Stephenson for the trip, and that’s still not a real call.

Thought I’d lead with that.

First period wasn’t as exciting as the hockey we saw in Vegas. Chances? Yeah, but more conservative it seemed. There was that one huge save from Fleury on Ovechkin, that I was in the kitchen for actually. Good thing they replayed it 1704 times in the rest of the game. We’d get back to a good pace in the third though.

Early in the second, the Capitals are taking advantage of the fresh ice. A bit of a scramble in front of Fleury. He stops an attempt from Kuznetsov, he stops the rebound attempt from Carlson, but Ovechkin with redemption – a diving backhand goal to give Washington a lead at home.

Later in the period, Theodore’s stick breaks trying to keep the puck in, and instead of backing up he pinches with no support. 2/3 on 1 the other way, Beagle gives it to Kuznetsov in the neutral zone, defender gives him the shot and tries to eliminate the pass (THE RIGHT PLAY) but Kuzy just snipes blocker side on Fleury, just flat out beats him with a good shot. 2-0 going into the third.

Now we see the Vegas pressure I like so much. A few minutes in, Holtby is playing the puck by Bellemare makes him panic a bit, puck hits Bellemare, ends up on the stick of Nosek in front of the net who pots it, and then is forced into and on top of Holtby to end the play. No scrum here, just a quick sign of sportsmanship from Nosek who checks to see if Holtby is okay, Holtby gives a nod, and the Knights celebrate. 2-1 and they’re back in it.

7:35 into the period and this is called.

Yeah I’m posting it twice because it’s really dumb. Vegas was trying to maintain momentum and you basically stripped them of that. And maybe they let some other calls go or missed them but this isn’t even a callable play. It may not have directly stifled the Golden Knights chances but it definitely impacted the game a bit more than a real penalty would have.

With all the Vegas offensive pressure, they see some odd man rushes the other way. Beagle and Smith-Pelly have two on one, Beagle draws the defender in and passes it to Smith-Pelly who does a little drag of the puck and roofs it over Fleury. 3-2 lead pretty late in the game.

The Knights couldn’t really get their 6-5 play together with the tender pulled. It almost seems like they haven’t had enough time together has a club to perfect some of the special teams systems. They’ve done well so far in the playoffs, but looks a little out of step with each other here. The game ends 3-1 and the Caps take a series lead.

Game 1: Lil Jon

Game 2: Imagine Dragons

Game 3: Sting and Shaggy

Game 4: Fall Out Boy

Game 5: “massive surprise”

Of course Washington has tried to entertain like Vegas, is this a new standard we may see? I kind of hope so.

As long as they drop the puck at 8 and do the shows beforehand.

– Bob Zagozewski

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