Caps vs Lightning Game 7

I won’t lie I’m rattled. Game isn’t even over yet and I’m typing this. 4-0 Caps right now and it’s clearly over. Honestly as soon as it was 2-0 I thought it was over and started switching back and forth with the basketball game. ANYHOW QUICK RECAP COMIN UP.

Washington comes out. Fire. Aggressive. Just like Game 6. Ovie smashes a one timer from Kuznetsov and it’s 1-0 a minute in. Annnnnnd it’s over. Tampa actually showed fight and put up an effort after that, but a backbreaking goal if i have ever seen one. Little silliness with Coburn facewashing Wilson and Tommy boy having a tantrum, but after a minor penalty to both they came out and had a pretty good tilt. Wilson was smashing the visor of Coburn and his hand was a little busted up but he’s a gamer.

Second period and it’s pretty back and forth hockey. Tampa has chances but the puck isn’t bouncing their way. A few times they tried to get too cute with it instead of shooting it. Holtby is just making the saves that he’s supposed to and showing why he’s such a steady goalie. Break goes Washington’s way as a puck gets flipped up and bounces on to Burakovsky’s stick and he shoots it past Vasy. 2-0 Caps. Burakovsky ends up getting another one before the period was over on a bad line change, bad pass, bad everything. He beats out Dan Girardi (LOL) and puts one 5 hole and this one is basically over.

Third period starts and Tampa had like 6 shots. Stifled. They looked lethargic to me. Other than Brayden Point I feel like nobody else even tried. No shots in the first 11 minutes of a period with your season on the line? Didn’t know the Leafs were playing. Washington scored another goal when I switched to the Cavs – Celtics game to make it 4-0 and that’s how it ended. I’m happy for Ovie even though I wanted Tampa to win. I’m a Stamkos homer and always will be. That’s my boy. But Washington was easily the better team throughout the whole series. Next up is the Golden Knights.

Trevor Behrends

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