Caps vs Lightning Game 6

This is going to be a short one since I couldn’t watch the game and was working. Caught the highlights though so I’ll throw down something quick and preview the next one a little bit.

Caps came out bruising. Saw a couple of big time hits from Ovie and the boys. Caps have a lot of guys capable of throwing big hits and they did tonight. Orpik and Smith-Pelley stood out from the 3 minutes of highlights that I saw.

Oshie scored a nice one on the pp from Backstrom. Backstrom is clearly not at 100 percent but even like 50 percent of him is better than Lars Eller has been in this series. He’s just that good, and I actually like Eller.

Tampa just couldn’t really get anything going. They’ve been outplayed all series and the only reason why they’re even in it is Vasilevskiy. Unfortunately for the Lightning Holtby played well enough tonight on the few chances they did generate. Smith-Pelley iced the game on a good hustle play by Stevenson to make sure the puck didn’t cross the line for icing. Fed it out to Smith-Pelley and he put it past Vasy. Washington added an empty netter and we’re going to have a game 7!

Alright quick thoughts on the next game. I think Tampa takes it honestly. They HAVE to finally have a good solid 60 minute game. They can’t keep relying on Vezinalevskiy to be stealing the show. Kucherov and Stamkos are too good to be quiet so I expect a big game from them. Caps are going to come out physical again but I think the Lightning will be better prepared for that next game. Either way it should be a fun one to watch.

Trevor Behrends

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