Vegas vs Jets game 2!!!

This is the first game where I’ve been able to actually watch most of it. Missed a bit of the first period but listened to it on the radio and here’s how things went down. VEGAS BABY! They showed up to play in the first and played with more urgency than Winnipeg did. Tatar scored the first goal after drawing back in to the lineup and what a relief for everyone. They paid way too much to acquire him just to have him on the bench and not playing. Johnny March my boy scored with a few minutes remaining in the first and MTS place was finally quiet for the first time ever.

Second period was quiet. Vegas checked well and didn’t allow the Jets to get any space. I mean literally zero space. It was such an awkward period. Like it looked like they were going to make something happen but the neutral zone was clogged up and the puck just bounced away from every Jets player. Josh Morrissey took a massive clapper right off the ankle and blocked it like a boss. I’ve liked him since he played for Canada at the world juniors. Such a good skater and he’s really shown how tough he is this past season. Can play with a mean streak and still moves the puck well. Trade him to Toronto please we’ll give you Jakey Gardiner.

Third period starts and the Jets are playing a little tighter and really moving well and picking up momentum shift by shift. Crowd really starts getting in to the game as the ice is titled towards the Vegas goal. Finally Connor squeezes one in right through Fleury’s body and you’re thinking holy shit here comes the Jets. Wrong. You’re dead wrong. Vegas doesn’t check and sit back like other teams. They are always trying to push the pace even when they have a lead. Marchessault again. Quiets the crowd right after they got fired up again. No real crazy chances the rest of the way Vegas didn’t give Winnipeg a lot of opportunities. Series is all tied up and going back to Las Vegas.

I thought Winnipeg was going to win tonight and go in to Vegas up 2-0 but this team continues to prove me wrong. If they win the series I’m buying a hat. Win the cup and I’ll buy a Wild Bill Karlsson jersey.


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