Winnipeg vs Nashville Preview

I don’t even want to pretend like this is what I thought the Western Conference Finals would look like. I didn’t think that the up and coming Jets would be able to match Nashville, and I honestly thought Vegas was going to be outmatched as soon as the playoffs started. So here we are now, the Golden Knights vs the Jets.

Gerard Gallant has done a marvellous job with this team and is an easy slam dunk for the coach of the year. Vegas is built solidly all throughout the lineup and plays a very strong north south game. The Golden Knights play at such a high pace and have been able to use that against their opponents and have shocked throughout the playoffs. The one team that might be able to match them however is the Winnipeg Jets.

Paul Maurice might be the second best coach of the year. The Jets boast strong depth throughout their whole lineup and play an exciting brand of hockey. The defence of the Jets is one of the strongest in the league and is going to make life difficult for the Vegas forecheckers. Each pairing is capable of matchup up against any line the Golden Knights put on the ice and I think that will be the difference in this series.

The goaltending for both teams has been stellar throughout the playoffs and Flower has been insane through the first 2 rounds. He’s going to have to be again because I think Winnipeg will just send wave after wave at him with the forwards they have. Hellebuyck’s strong regular season has carried over in to the playoffs and he has shown no signs of slowing down. I think if Vegas is going to win this series than Fleury will have to steal 4 games. Asking a goalie to steal that many games just isn’t fair and I don’t think he can continue to play at the level he has. I’ve picked against Vegas throughout the playoffs and I’m sticking with my gut and doing it again. I think Flower will win a couple of games standing on his head but the Jets will be too much this time. Jets in 5

Disclaimer: I had a large amount of adult beverages in my system when I wrote this

Trevor Behrends


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